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Postby fruzzetti » January 4th, 2015, 3:55 pm

Hello everyone.

To tell all about myself would be an enormous waste of time, so here's a summary: Let's just say I love doing cool things, especially making. I can invent my way out of any problem; I like to say if the rules of physics permit it, then I can learn how to do it. This is largely because I've had a ratchet in one hand and a soldering iron in the other since before I could read -- I've got a special fluency in mechanical systems since I spent so much young time with my dad fixing and modding cars in the garage. Age 2 they bought a complete bucket of a 1966 Mustang and I spent from then until age 15 restoring it completely. I do electronics almost as well as I do mechanics, and I know how to partner to get big things done.

This June will conclude my eleventh year as a mathematics instructor in the SF Bay Area, California. I've taught everything from pre-Algebra through AP Calculus BC and some college math. I've had a great time, but the enormity of fulfillment is starting to wane as my needs at home change with kids, four and six, growing up and all that. Specifically, we're outgrowing our Dublin home and one of our children has a bit higher need for support than most.

This year I worked on the following projects in my spare time or as a freelance contractor:

1) with Devon Works (maker of Tread watches) to craft an all-new smart watch and new IP holdings to match. Lots of partnering was required; I found experts in Pennsylvania for prototype design and a genius in Turkey who helped me craft an all-new eye-tracking system.
2) as my hobby to design and mature a one-piece whiteboard marker cap clamp which I now have and use every day in the classroom; many of my colleagues have come to adore theirs as well. This was from my own concept, through planning, wood and 3d printed prototypes, through fully mature injection-molded product. I learned every step of the product development process this way.
3) converted a beat-up go kart frame to electric, requiring that I custom-make mounting equipment, control circuits, and drivetrain parts including machining a pulley with outside diameter 57.5mm (that was really hard to find anywhere online).
4) with some AP Calculus students I led in The Deconstruction, I created a working stress level detector that a user prone to panic attacks or violence could wear to help them steer clear of danger BEFORE things get bad.
5) designed, but did not attempt to build, an optical telescope that hammers other designs by having unbelievably low aberration.

While we discussed my decision to move on from education, my wife, also a teacher and very supportive lady, made the point: "Why shouldn't you get paid for your hobbies? You enjoy doing so many things!"

The point resonated with me. How cool would it be if I could join up with a team of people who like to do cool things and make money by selling their solutions to help people or companies?

Consider this my offer to come join your team if you're looking for a good all-around guy who can innovate or improve build, design, tooling, manufacturing, and other methodologies.

I become available in June for a July start and hope I can make a permanent career shift; I've loved improving the world through its people and now I hope to reach even more people by improving the way we work with the world.

Thanks for reading,

~ dan ~
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Postby minky » February 27th, 2015, 4:47 pm

I would like to contact you, but I dont see a private message button
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Postby Osgeld » February 28th, 2015, 1:10 pm

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Postby minky » March 1st, 2015, 5:13 am

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