Smart Watch Based on Edison

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Smart Watch Based on Edison

Postby IronManMark20 » December 26th, 2014, 6:39 pm

I am considering building a watch using the Edison and some adafruit and sparkfun components. I want it to be as easy to develop for as possible, so I chose the edison so that it runs full debian, and making apps can be done with normal linux win32 programs. I was thinking the following parts, and hoping for comments on ideas.

An edison newegg for $45
Adafruit 1.8 inch display
Sparkfun power block
Sparkfun Base block
adafruit buttons mainly to controll the computer
another sparkfun block for pinout (connecting display, buttons)

Total cost ~$156+shipping Not shabby.

I know some of this is not technically released, but think of it: a full debian smartwatch. the possibliliies are endless. Jolla and Ubuntu are making tablets and phones open source, now we can have open smartwatches. Comments, suggestions? Also, do people think this watch would be too big?

Thanks in advance
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