Hacking the Vtech Smartwatch

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Hacking the Vtech Smartwatch

Postby andyhacker » October 31st, 2014, 1:05 pm

It's a kids smartwatch but I bought one for myself hoping to hack it into an adult geek watch.
Just think, a "Hack a Day" icon/symbol time/date custom display could be shown - very cool indeed.

So far, it has a crisp OLED 128x128 display, an ARM processor, Lipo battery, picture/video camera, voice recorder, touchscreen, NO Bluetooth,
and USB firmware download port. Its a lot cheaper than constructing a smartwatch from Xadow or TinyDuino.
Note: Having no Bluetooth, the watch could last for 2 weeks without re-charging. <--- Truly amazing :shock:

Functions include stopwatch, timer, voice recorder, camera/video recorder, custom time/date displays.

I have contacted Vtech requesting a SDK and so far no response. :cry:
If there was a lot of users who requested this SDK, just maybe, the company will relent and provide one.
Contact: vtechkids@vtechkids.com

Need assistance in trying to hack this smartwatch? :?:

The retail cost is $59 $USD but many places it can be bought for $10 less.
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Re: Hacking the Vtech Smartwatch

Postby danielr » November 11th, 2014, 12:22 pm

If the watch is anything like the innotab computer it runs basically on Linux.

However I believe that V-tech was (and perhaps still is) not a particularly hacker friendly company, nor do they comply with the ideas of open software -even though they use GPL linux. (V-tech constantly seem to be accused of GPL violations.)

I can only suggest that you crack the back off and look for a chip, if you get lucky and it uses a SOC like the Innotab then there are Tx/Rx pins that provide UART.
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Re: Hacking the Vtech Smartwatch

Postby drain131 » May 24th, 2017, 12:52 am

Well, that is something easy look like for Kids also, children's computing devices has compromised millions of customer and now this is the new era GT08 Android Watch Price
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