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Postby AndyOdie » October 2nd, 2014, 11:12 pm

I'm working on a geocache ( that consists of a series of switches that have to be set in a certain order (a simple binary puzzle) to release a spring-loaded drawer. As this will be in place for a few "Years", I was thinking along the lines of an automotive battery charger solar panel to charge up a capacitor to power something like a trunk release that holds the drawer in place. I was thinking about a rechargeable battery system, but concerns were raised with life of batteries, Leakage, replacing batteries, etc. The idea here is to place and don't worry about for at least five years.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. The further outside the box, the better.
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Re: GeoCaching

Postby st2000 » October 3rd, 2014, 3:10 pm

Electronics? Out in the open? Worry free for 5 years? You should be working at JPL. For the rest of us, K.I.S. Use a no-electronics-mechanical door lock you can pick up at your local big-box-home-hardware-center. If you want to go do-it-your-self big-time, try to make a 3D printed cryptex:

...which is, evidently, being used as a Geocache device. Small world.
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Re: GeoCaching

Postby SQTB » January 4th, 2016, 10:36 pm

Take a lesson from the ancient Mayans and Aztec. Watch a Indiana Jones movie. Or ask a Vietnam Vet about VietCong Booby Traps. They mostly use rope and gravity. If you use nylon rope and sand as a counterweight on a pulley you could make a kinetic energy engine. You'll need a tree to hold the pulley. A Kevlar bag of local sand will last a few years. Use metal rods as the old short stick puzzle. One of the sticks is a dead-drop trigger that opens the hidden door. The other sticks trigger bad dead-drops (dumps sand on the victim - water will evaporate over 5 years). Or just do your idea and require that the user brings his/her own battery next time. Like a 9 volt alkaline. You'll have to really lubricate the drawer railings. :mrgreen:
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