Suggestions for Circuit Design and PCB design

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Suggestions for Circuit Design and PCB design

Postby rescueweasel » July 21st, 2014, 10:33 pm

So I have an idea and I worked out some basic prototypes that are somewhat functional but I need help with the circuit design and pcb design and manufacturing. Can some people suggest any resources for circuit design and pcb design that you have used in the past and were happy with.
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Re: Suggestions for Circuit Design and PCB design

Postby depot » August 7th, 2014, 10:16 pm

There are all kinds of tutorials on the internet. SparkFun is a good place to start, they even have history.

I think Eagle is most popular. I'm trying to use KiCAD for random things. You could watch Chris Gammell's guide to KiCAD. Hackaday had something about it. Here: ... nufacture/

So far I'm happy with KiCAD. Eagle has some more libraries, features like actual pan with middle mouse, but you get used to little things and it's nice to have unlimited board size. I've used Altium for work and it has a certain crisp presentation of documents which is appealing but it isn't worth the money and it still has awful crash-level bugs.
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Re: Suggestions for Circuit Design and PCB design

Postby Osgeld » August 8th, 2014, 2:10 pm

I prefer kicad over eagle (use altium at work and love it, but yea it cost a pile of money and does a bunch of crap I will never use in my life)

people often consider the massive amounts of premade library files for eagle, and thats fine and all, but its not that hard to make a footprint or a schematic symbol, and at some point using only premade ones, you are going to run across something somewhere that does not have a footprint out in the wild.

Whatever you use, learn how to make your own parts, its not that hard and you will never be stuck having to stop in the middle of everything and look up a basic tutorial after you have been up and running with it.
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