Aqua Plumb

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Aqua Plumb

Postby plains203 » June 28th, 2014, 11:13 pm

While I was browsing kickstarter I came across this project. It looks perfect for my weather station plans. I have wanted an accurate rain gauge for some time now and this looks like it will do that job quite well & would also be good for monitoring the rain water levels in my tanks.
I know it only has a few days left to be funded but thought some of you guys would be interested. I am assuming there is not an existing product that does this job I can buy off the shelf?

The project details are as below ... scovery%20

The AquaPlumb measures water levels with no floats or moving parts, using only a simple wire line.

Our company Vegetronix is known for its low cost highly accurate water moisture sensors.

Over the last year we've been developing a brand new water sensing technology. We would like to introduce to you, the AquaPlumb – a liquid level sensor that measures any liquid level with a strand of wire. Unlike traditional float based technologies, the AquaPlumb has no moving parts, and gives a measurement reading that is a continuum over the range of the sensing wire, that is proportional to the liquid level.

The AquaPlumb is low power, low cost, and easy to use. It can be used stand alone, with data loggers, or even Arduino projects. Water level monitoring is now available to the "Internet of Things".
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What;s in the kit?

Postby lastchancename » June 29th, 2014, 6:54 am

Hi there - looks very interessting -

From the KS page - it seems the sponsors don't get the 'special' wire unless you go all-in for the Crystal package... ?

What is the (min/max) range of wire length for reliable, accurate measurment?
Does the diameter of the vessel affect the measured value?

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Re: Aqua Plumb

Postby plains203 » June 29th, 2014, 7:08 am

Sorry this isn't my kickstarter, I am just interested in it. From what I can tell though the wire comes with a control board and the standard package is 1m long this you get in the cheaper package. You calibrate the wire by having an empty vessel and setting the empty point and then filling the vessel and setting the full point. This then provides a 0-3v linear range over the length of the wire to indicate the liquid level. That voltage output can be read by a micro controller or used with one of their other relay packages. Looks like a simple solution to an accurate digital rain guage to me. I can use a cylinder of large volume to get good accurate resolution over a period of time to accurately record when the rain fell.
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