Looking for collaborator on an IC label generator

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Looking for collaborator on an IC label generator

Postby tkbletsc » March 24th, 2014, 12:17 pm

Hello, folks. I'm Tyler Bletsch, and I did the Nickelphone hack a few months ago. Now I'm looking to see if someone wants to collaborate with me on something totally different.

I wrote a program to generate printable IC labels, sort of like this one, but full color for desktop printers with label paper. It can take a chip description like this:

Code: Select all
    copies: 50
      - {name: GND, fg: 'ffffff', bg: '000000'}
      - TRG
      - OUT
      - /RST 
      - CTL
      - THR 
      - DIS 
      - {name: Vcc, fg: '#000000', bg: '#FF0000'}

ATTINY84: # Arduino labeling
    copies: 15
    width: 6  # mm
        - {name: Vcc, fg: '#000000', bg: '#FF0000'}
        - 10
        - 9
        - {name: RST, fg: '000000', bg: 'dddddd'}
        - 8
        - 7
        - 6
        - 5
        - 4
        - 3
        - 2
        - 1
        - 0
        - {name: GND, fg: 'ffffff', bg: '000000'}

Turn it into images like these:
Image Image

And then automatically lay them out into a PDF like this one, ready to be printed to label paper and cut out:

And they look pretty good:

Here's my problem: I want to make it a web-based tool, but I don't have time to write the interface. I was thinking at minimum a little javascript editor to put in pin names and colors, the ability to save chips, then select chips of yours you want to gang onto a single PDF. As a bonus, it would be neat to be able to publish chips so others can print your pinouts.

Anyone interested in collaborating on the web component to this tool? I'd cover hosting, installation, and integration of the labeling tool.
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