Dane-Elec Media Streamer a.k.a. Gigastone Smartbox

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Re: Dane-Elec Media Streamer a.k.a. Gigastone Smartbox

Postby FigNewton » June 24th, 2015, 10:29 pm

Hey guys. New here but I signed up to post on the Media Streamer and see if anyone else is still playing with this. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that WalMart was putting them in the bargain bin and I picked up a couple for $20. I then decided that I was going to use this on an upcoming cruise to transfer pictures from my CF cards to a USB 1tb drive. Well in testing it worked ok as I was only transferring a couple of files. I ended up building some scripts which I carried on a SD card that I booted it up with. I then used the scripts to transfer the files from the CF drive to the USB drive. Scripts worked fine, but where I ran into problems was power. Since I was using a 1tb usb drive and also a CF card in a reader I had to get a USB hub. I found a cheap four port hub that worked. Problem came when I got on the trip and was transferring 4gb of files. The power wasn't quite as stable as it needed to be, and even with the media streamer plugged into power I was having the usb drive or card reader just drop power and of course that killed the transfer of files. I have since ordered a new powered usb hub and will test to see if that solved the power problem. I was able to ascertain on the trip that if I plugged in just one USB device and copied files to the SD card in the slot, I could then plug in the other USB device when they were copied and transfer them over. Not elegant, but it seemed to work. It doesn't seem to like some card readers and I ran into a situation where I had two identical card readers and with one it would read CF cards but not SDHC, and the other was the exact opposite, wouldn't read CF, but would read SDHC. I am guessing there is a firmware difference in the two readers even though they are identical just purchased at separate times. So I am also currently evaluating other card readers. I think the trick though is going to be rebooting the device when swapping cards as it seems to get a little finicky, even when unmounting the devices before unplugging.

I was even able to update my scripts on the trip via a telnet program on my phone (ConnectBot). I think it would be pretty cool if we could get some kind of distro installed on this that wasn't locked to the media streamer, or at least where you could make up a custom profile with some frequently used alias commands. For the trip I just made a .profile file, called it dotprofile and stuck it on the SD card. I would then cd over to the SD card and load my own profile, alias commands and all. Worked great.

The other piece I did like about this was I had other family members download the app on their phones before we left. Once we were on the trip, I let them connect to the device and had another SD card set up with folders for everyone and we all downloaded our photos to the SD card. It made it really convenient to gather up all the pictures that we as a family had and be able to distribute and back up.

Thanks for all of the info so far.
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Re: Dane-Elec Media Streamer a.k.a. Gigastone Smartbox

Postby MetaPhaze » September 5th, 2015, 2:02 am

FTP works
ftp <your devices ip> 21

so you could use any android ftp app to get upload/download access or edit files
you could also script it easily enough
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