Adjustable Motorized Height Standing Desk Options

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Adjustable Motorized Height Standing Desk Options

Postby hackalong » January 13th, 2014, 7:21 am

I'm ready to get an adjustable height standing/sitting desk and am exploring various options.

Here are the off the shelf versions I am considering:

VertDesk - ... K-BASE.php

GeekDesk -

Conset -
Conset -
Conset -

But, of course I have to consider DIY solutions first.

So basically what we have is a gear motor which drives a leadscrew (or two) that extends a telescoping leg. Two legs are linked by a driveshaft. The most important considerations are lifting force and stability when extended.

Looking at the wall mounted single leg solution above, it occurred to me that perhaps a cantilever design with a linear carriage riding on some steel tubing or beam resting on the floor and secured to the wall with a single linear actuator (common satellite dish models) could be a very cost effective solution that may just work. The main design consideration would be the torque from the cantilever applied to the linear carriage.

I will be thinking about this over the next few days but wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts, experience, or other feedback.

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