New gadget (thanks for the help along the way)

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New gadget (thanks for the help along the way)

Postby captcouillon » January 12th, 2014, 9:43 pm

Having made several posts in the last few months searching for help on a project we were developing, and having received a number of helpful answers, we thought we would post what we are doing with it and how it is working out,,,,

The questions were concerning LED driver circuits, and photo-switches (Thread-1 Thread-2 Thread-3) and with the helpful suggestions the design has evolved into this (click image to enlarge)


This design is being used in a marine anchor light system, Open-Source Hardware which can be followed at As you can tell from the version number, it has gone through a number of iterations, but we are getting close to release.

Not the usual HaD arduino project, but wanted to express our thanks for the support from this forum in our early design stages,

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