Dual hp monitor screens

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Dual hp monitor screens

Postby eddiecubed » January 11th, 2014, 10:02 am

Hello World!

I have been toying with the idea of setting up a nice dual display for my hp pavilion dv6 with the 2 monitors I have for it.
And by monitors I mean I have 2 physical hp laptop screens. I want to connect both of these displays to my pavilion.
I have a hp pavilion dv6 1245 dx and an extra dv6 1245dx monitor with all the cables for it.

My thoughts behind accomplishing this are:
1) I need to have a board (or something) that connects both screens.
2) Or I can have each screen have its own independent cable and connect them both to the laptop.
There has to be a cable that connects 2 vga's or 2 hdmi's to a single port.
2) Then such board will have a cable (hdmi or vga) to connect to my laptop.
3) building a case to hold both of these screens nicely.

The issues I think I will come across are:
1) Finding/making a board that will connect both screens.
2) Starting up the laptop with no monitor connected via its internal port (never tried it but will test soon).
3) Having my machine identify the 2 different monitors from a single connection cable.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Has anyone ever tried doing something similar to this?
If so I'd love feedback or even examples of similar things.
Thanks for any help/advice/feedback. I hope to complete this project and in doing so, sharing the process with all of you and anyone who wants to know.
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Re: Dual hp monitor screens

Postby st2000 » January 11th, 2014, 9:05 pm

Couple of things:
I have a hp pavilion dv6 1245 dx

Is not this one of those (about) 10 years old "bad" HP lap tops that are notorious for not booting up after suffering a GPU thermal failure? I bring this up as I don't know if I would invest much time modifying one of these laptops. That is, if this is one of "those" laptops.
Most laptops GPUs support dual monitors. Just plug the second monitoring into the external SVGA or HDMI port and see if this simple attempt works. If not, read up on dual monitors in your OS and HP manual.
A bare LCD is a pain to work with. There are a few contributors here that can help out. But bottom line, if you pull 10 LCDs from various pieces of hardware, you will have 10 different interfaces to try and deal with. Ok, it's not that bad. Most sizable LCDs usually have a LVDS type of interface. But, still, no guarantees.
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Re: Dual hp monitor screens

Postby modder_mike » January 12th, 2014, 1:37 pm

If you really, really wanted to, a popular product for handling multiple monitors from a single port is the Matrox DualHead2Go series. Basically, it tells the computer that the resolution of the attached monitor is twice what your attached monitors are, then internally splits the signal down the middle. The disadvantage of this is that it appears to the PC as a single, really wide monitor, which means no individual control, and also things like Windows Aero Snap don't work as expected and games are hopelessly spread across both screens. Unfortunately, short of DisplayPort (which your unit doesn't have), none of the typical interfaces support multiple independent displays from a single port.

But if the laptop and its attached display currently works, why do you want to hack it off and connect it via HDMI? Just use the onboard interface that it's plugged into already, and get an external controller board for your second monitor. Check eBay for controller boards for your laptop or panel model (you may have to disassemble the panel assembly to get at the model number). Building your own LCD controller is no walk in the park - it's pretty much impossible to find a multifunction LCD controller/scaler IC with available documentation and that can be bought in reasonable quantities. I looked into some parts from ST and found they wouldn't even talk to me below 25,000 pieces. You can do a "dumb" HDMI to LVDS interface using silicon from several vendors, but you will get only native resolution, no on screen display, no adjustments, etc.

The monitor should have no problem running with no attached display. If the display is LVDS, the laptop probably won't even know it's gone - except in rare cases, the laptop doesn't bother to sense whether the display is present (why shouldn't it be?), since there are usually no provisions for Hot Plug Detect on the assumed-internal, permanent connection. I've got a few headless laptops around that boot up with an external monitor just fine.

At the end of the day, I don't consider the DualHead2Go solution as a real solution for everyday use - I pretty much can't live without Aero Snap these days. I'd say your best solution is to get a controller card for your extra monitor, and either use the internal port as is or extend its wiring as needed to drive the other one. Second to that is two controller cards, but that assumes that your laptop has two external video outputs (typically VGA or HDMI). If it doesn't, and you can live with the two monitors treated as one, well, DH2G may be the next option.
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