Tablet powered by indoor lighting - help, please?

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Re: Tablet powered by indoor lighting - help, please?

Postby SQTB » April 21st, 2016, 10:18 am

I don't know what country you are in. However, if you are from USA you can pickup a bunch of solar powered walkway lights from your local DOLLAR STORE for a whopping $1 (USD) a piece! Cannibalize them and make enough cells in series for voltage increase and parallel for better current. Put in a 5V Zener diode or voltage regulator. If you have a 100W floodlight in the house you might be ale to trickle charge the tablet's pre-existing battery. Forget about powering the tablet. Just not enuf' photons verses the Sun. I've seen this in the marketplace but they only trickle charge phones and tablets after a few hours in the Sun. Under an interior floodlight maybe days. And your light bill will be frightening compared to a little 5V power-pack from the tablet's manufacture. This idea of yours saves NO MONEY if you aren't using the Sun only.

AlienBZ wrote:Now that I finally got my tablet from eBay, I'm thinking of making it so that it would be powered by indoor lighting, like a standard photoelectric charged household calculator, which I believe are powered by amorphous solar panels.

For about a week now I did online research on solar powered computerized devices, and a lot of this research turns out to be discussions and how-to's on making photoelectric chargers for cell phones that use the sun as their power source.

However, I'd like to try to come up with a way to use amorphous solar panels to power my tablet the way photoelectric calculators use indoor lighting as their source of energy.

Based on my research, I'm thinking of salvaging the photoelectric panels from discarded/used calculators from secondhand shops and somehow wiring them up and affixing them to the tablet so that the tablet would use indoor lighting as its power source, and I came across a couple of online how-to's that show you how to do this, although these how-to's deal with sunlight as the energy source, although there may be danger of overcharging and damaging the phone if precautions are not taken to go over 5 volts.

I'm wondering if I can somehow adapt or modify the method in these how-to's to use calculator photoelectric panels instead of the sun-powered solar panels from radio shack, and I even did a search on radio shack's website for amorphous solar panels but I came up empty, thus my idea of salvaging photoelectric panels from calculators.

I don't know if my idea has any merits, or even if it will work, but I'd like to experiment with this and try it.

What are your thoughts on this?

If so, is there a better way (but I don't want to have to pay thru the nose for one of these indoor chargers on amazon) of have to make my own amorphous solar panels, (which involves using chemicals and I'd rather not go that route of creating my own panels)?

Below is the link to that how-to for a phone solar charger using the sun as the power source.

And here is the link to a calculator battery mod

and here's something about a solar cell salvaged from a calculator

Thanks in advance.
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