Meets: North Devon/UK

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Meets: North Devon/UK

Postby Yefimovich » January 28th, 2011, 1:33 pm

Hello Peoples,

I wondered if there are any others from the pretty yet scientifically void area of North Devon/UK who would like to meet in order to point at "things that go ping", perhaps say "ooo" and occasionally collaberate on building awesomeness, like a politician detector or a machine to make pens 4 degrees warmer from a remote location..

You know, geeky stuff.

It's a long shot I know, I can think of only one other person I've met here that owns a soldering iron, and his wife makes sure it stays in his toolkit so he can't burn the carpet with solderballs.

Anyway, post here if you're a) living in Devon and b) not too scared to use your soldering iron.

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