SkyDogCon 2013---October 23-27th, 2013---Nashville, TN

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SkyDogCon 2013---October 23-27th, 2013---Nashville, TN

Postby Skiboy941 » February 23rd, 2013, 5:16 pm

Hey hackers!

SkyDogCon is back for the third time, and it's better than ever!

SkyDogCon is a technology conference in Nashville, TN for the individual with the Renaissance Mind. It mixes Hacking and Making with a healthy dose of Technology. SkyDogCon exists to facilitate learning, information sharing, and mingling with like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere (although there will still be lots of partying!)


Lockpick Village
Electronic Badge Hacking
Duplicity CTF (Live Capture the Flag!)
Lots of Talks
Vendors' Area
Nerdcore Rap

We hope to see you there!
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Re: SkyDogCon 2013---October 23-27th, 2013---Nashville, TN

Postby Skiboy941 » July 27th, 2013, 11:21 am


Lightning 100, A.K.A. the Greatest Radio Station in Nashville, is now our sponsor! Be sure to listen in for our Ads, as well as great music!

Hacker Jeopardy is back and better than ever! Are you ready to test your wits, skills and limits of alcohol endurance? Note that you must be 21+ to play the game, as quite a bit of alcohol is involved.

2013 is the launch of the Pirates vs. Ninjas Ball! This will be a SkyDogCon first! This year since SkyDogCon is occurring a few days before Halloween, we will be hosting a Pirates vs. Ninjas Ball. Come dressed as your favorite pirate or a cunning ninja for an after-hours party complete with a live DJ. Awards will be given to the best dressed.

Yes! There will be more electroinic badges! Every SDC attendee recieves one. Just for you, we have set up a hardware hacking area, complete with community tools. Sit down, chat, trade, and hack to your heart's content!

The Crypto Challenge is back! Lasting the entire event, prove that you are indeed a badass cryptographer by solving our feindish puzzles!

Duplicity CTF returns! Play a live Capture the Flag game where you protect a company, or attack it.

We now offer live courses, including:

Intro to Pen Testing by Georgia Wiedman
Ulitimate Hacking: Human by Foundstone
Duplicity: Red and Blue Team Training by Duplicity
Hard Drive Recovery Triage by Scott Moulton

We also offer HAM radio exams! The cost is $15. Be sure to study!

Also offered are:

Photo Contests
Lego Contests
and the MINECRAFT CHALLENGE (More info to come)!

Have a Hacky Day,
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