SkyDogCon 2012---October 26-28th, 2012---Nashville, TN

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SkyDogCon 2012---October 26-28th, 2012---Nashville, TN

Postby Skiboy941 » June 4th, 2012, 11:16 am

October 26-28th, 2012

Hotel Preston
733 Briley Parkway
Nashville, Tennessee 37217

SkyDogCon was born from a very simple idea. “We (as a community) can do better!” A group of volunteers realized that between them they had DECADES of combined conference attendance in common and their combined experiences had let them see what worked, what didn’t, what people raved about and what was a total waste of time and money. Every year the staff meets in virtual and real places to rant, rave, discuss, and preach ideas about what a con should have. At the end, decisions are made and plans executed. In short, SkyDogCon is the amalgamation of everything the staff has seen that works at other cons, plus some extras that take things to the next level. SkyDogCon staff members freely give of their time and talent to help run this con, a con run by hackers for hackers.

SkyDogCon - The South's Premier Hacker Maker Conference
'Modern Technology, Renaissance Minds'
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Re: SkyDogCon 2012---October 26-28th, 2012---Nashville, TN

Postby madmex » August 27th, 2012, 3:10 pm

SkyDogCon is being put on by the same guy who runs the Hacker Consortium aka "SkyDog" and that was mentioned in Caleb's tour of Hackerspaces of the SouthEast.

I wanted to throw out some extra info in case anyone is curious. We will be updating the schedule in the next 24 hours to show most of the speakers, and if you bring your makerbot, we will find a space for you. If you know you want to come and bring your bot, drop us a line at the "operations" email address, and we will be sure to confirm that there is a space for you to setup.

I hope to see and meet many of you there!

Madmex - long time lurker, first time poster and member of the con staff for this conference.
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