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Big C# Project

PostPosted: November 17th, 2017, 4:52 am
by oldrocker
I have registered on this forum purely to find a more than capable/experienced C# coder. They would also need to have a good understanding of VB, database intergration and be able to code my system to correctly communicate with an API. A keen interest in the future of AI would also be useful. He/she must be an extremely good communicator and willing to communicate via Skype or any other communication software they would prefer to use. They must not cut corners and be willing to work for very little gain initially. Even more importantly, they would have to be prepared to be vetted and agree to sign a mutually agreed NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

Being a complete perfectionist, I can be a royal pain in the arse at times, abrasive and always speak my mind, which does not go down well in general. In effect the project will probably entail a complete re-code from the ground up. Therefore, anyone who has an interest in considering this project needs to fully understand that it will be time consuming, frustrating at times and very challenging. However, if they are willing to give it their best, there may just be a gold mine waiting at the end of the rainbow.

Re: Big C# Project

PostPosted: November 21st, 2017, 12:00 pm
by k-ww
How best to reply to your lament [in general talk] about a lack of response tp this posting:

First, This posting really belongs in requests and commissions, since it is in essence a job ad, not a software help request.

Second, at least you admit up front that you will be a pain in the arse [and by inference a control freak].

Third: you wish to have someone spend time and effort on a project you are reluctant to specify, except to say
they have to be vetted, and sign a NDA, and without any real guarantee of payment in proportion to their efforts.

The last time I ran into an overall situation like this, it was from an AMWAY distributor that had roped in my wife,
and didn't understand why I didn't join up, and make money for him, since I had a consulting job at which I knew
my hourly consulting salary instead of potential pie in the sky income.

I would not qualify for your position anyway, since I'm a hardware geek with 55+ years of hobby/work experience,
as opposed to a software guru.