Bypassing a Toshiba MK6015MAP HDD password

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Bypassing a Toshiba MK6015MAP HDD password

Postby Atoss » May 31st, 2017, 4:50 pm

A short while ago I bought an old Siemens laptop, model Scenic Mobile 510. For 8 euros. In working order no less. The only problem is that the HDD has a password (seemingly both user and master). Sure, I could wipe the password along with the data, but interesting software can sometimes lie in such forgotten PCs, so I'd rather take a peek before it's gone. So far, I tried accessing the contents from HBCD's Mini Windows XP (no luck, the drive shows up only in Device Manager, which claims it contains no volumes) and disabling the password request with ATAPWD (rejected the default master password of 32 spaces, likely means that the master password is not default either).

So far, I've found this article on how to access the passwords stored on HPA, but it seems that in drives of other manufacture than WD, the passwords might be stored in a different...offset? Is that the right term? Anyhow, even if I dumped the HPA as in that article, I wouldn't know where to look for the passwords.

The HDD in question is a Toshiba MK6015MAP. All attempts so far have been made using a different laptop, as the Siemens refuse to boot from anything else with the HDD installed.
Can anyone advise?
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