Digispark (Attiny 85) as usb output

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Digispark (Attiny 85) as usb output

Postby Welsh Mullet » June 23rd, 2015, 9:38 am


I'm looking to replicate this project http://tim.cexx.org/projects/vibe/ with a digispark.

Clearly, the way I need to go is register as a USB device with the correct Vendor and Product IDs. USB Vendor ID (VID) of 0x0B49 and Product ID (PID) of 0x064F.

Then, I need to listed for the packets:

bRequest: 0x00
wValue: Both bytes set to (unsigned char) vibration level
wIndex: Low byte is lower nibble of vibration level; high byte 0x03 always.
Count: 0x00 (no data phase)

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which resources and examples I should look at to make a start on this?

Many thanks,
Welsh Mullet
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