OpenOCD w/buspirate

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OpenOCD w/buspirate

Postby hackadayer » April 13th, 2015, 3:00 pm

Background: I have a separate post over on the hardware board for connecting to the jtag connector on a cell phone but now I'm stuck at the software part of using JTAG to pull raw data from internal memory of a cell phone(recovering pictures/videos). I can't seem to find a straightforward guide for using openOCD with buspirate v3.6 and testing to make sure everything is hooked up properly. I found a guide for getting openocd working with buspirate using Linux I wind up having a telnet window which from my understand connects to openocd which directs commands to the buspirate.

Part where I need help: At this point I have no idea how to test if the connections from buspirate to the cell phone are working and what commands would need to be issued to read the data from the memory.
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