Did my remote computer shut down?

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Did my remote computer shut down?

Postby evansste » January 28th, 2015, 10:27 pm

I looked into using the remote desktop feature of Windows XP Professional in order to login to my computer remotely. I decided to use no-ip.com in order to make my dynamic IP address function more like a static IP address. Many of you may be familiar with this service from no-ip.com

My router has the capability to work directly with no-ip.com so that I didn't have to download the software from no-ip and install it on my computer. I finally got the whole thing to work, but then decided to implement a different solution which called for disconnecting my wireless USB modem from my router, and plugging the modem directly into my computer. So now the router has no way to work with no-ip, making the hostname, which I received from no-ip when I set up the router, useless.

Well, now I'm trying to connect to the computer remotely with RDP by using the dynimic IP address directly. I went into my no-ip account, which shows the IP address along with the last time it was updated. I tried using this IP address with RDP, but it wasn't able to connect. No-ip showed that the last time the IP address was updated was several days ago. So I used their update URL in order to update the IP address. However, even when I use this updated IP address, I am still unable to connect to my computer using RDP. So am I to conclude that my computer has been powered down, or could there be some other reason why I was unable to connect?

Whenever I try to connect, RDP gives me the following error message:

"This computer can't connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator."

Did I use an accurate method to get the IP address for my remote computer? I was thinking that maybe the address is wrong, and that's why it didn't connect.

Thanks for your time, and I appreciate any input that anyone may have.
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