Transcend WiFi SD Cards

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Transcend WiFi SD Cards

Postby vostro400 » April 17th, 2014, 5:30 am

I have been reading Pablo's Blog on hacking the transend card ( ... cards.html) as I have a requirement for an app that I am writing to run a Perl script on the card to access and process a file in the SD folder.
It seems that I need to put this Perl script into the cgi-bin folder for it to run. I have tried to test the password exploit as Pablo described in his blog to no avail as I think that this is what I need to use.

I used Gavin William's gist suggestion instead of the Form Editor Chrome extension to cater for
'The form, however, performs sanity checks and won't allow long passwords and strange characters'.

Gavin William's gist
'For those wanting to execute multiple commands through the password field without a huge amount of hassle, just run the following gist in console in Google Chrome.

It will overrite the JS validation to always return 0 and set all of the form fields to have max character lengths of 500! ... 8f16868ca'

So i ran the gist in the console in Google Chrome (CTRL SHIFT J) - brought up the Transend Login dialog ( - entered the user name (admin) and for password entered Pablo's example (admin; echo haxx > /tmp/hi.txt #).
I checked the tmp folder but no hi.txt.
I am completely new to all this so I am probably doing it all wrong.
Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
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