Kinect + Pcduino. Will it work?

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Pcduino + Kinect. Will it work?

Postby anshulvj » March 17th, 2014, 5:01 pm


I'm a newbie to Mircroprocessors (PcDuino, for example) and I wanted to know if Kinect can be integrated with the pcduino, before I go and buy the board. Specifically, I have a system working on my laptop that uses a Kinect to extract unorganized point cloud data using "Processing" IDE with openni drivers, and then processes this information using Matlab (can be done using C++) to detect obstacles and specific objects. I want to build such a system for a robot, but use pcduino as the processing module. I think I can handle the coding part, but I wanted to know if there were any problems associated with using depth sensors with mini pc boards in terms of hardware capabilities of mini pc boards? I know that mini pc boards are not as fast as a PC, so the processing would be slower, but I'm not concerned with the speed, atleast for the time being.

One problem I encountered while using kinect, even on a PC is that the point cloud drivers in openni wont initiate the data stream unless there was a GPU in the PC. However, I do know that pcduino has a GPU chip (OpenGl ES2.0). I searched online but the closest thing I could find is this which does not elaborate how the integration of Raspi and Asus Xtion works. I'm not too picky about the boards, anything that would work with a kinect is fine with me, although I like the pcduino since it has arduino headers and built in wi-fi etc.

Any additional pointers can also be helpful. Please let me know if I need to elaborate on anything more.

Thanks in advance
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