CEC commands over hdmi, vendor specific ?

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CEC commands over hdmi, vendor specific ?

Postby jhalek90 » January 23rd, 2014, 11:01 am

Hello, I am working with Pulse-eights CEC library for the raspberry pi

I have successfully been able to turn various devices on and off over hdmi, my problem lies with the vendor specific commands.
For instance, shape, uses "Aquos link" which responds to the basic cec commands, but also has a large set of proprietary commands.

Ive tried setting up the cec-library in monitor mode, and forcing the devices to output some proprietary codes, i can see some hex data, but replicating it wont do anything.

So, anyone know of a way to either aquire vendor specific cec commands? or sniff the ones that exists, and are being sent over the hdmi lines already ?
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