Some wrongs occurred in the function of STM8

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Some wrongs occurred in the function of STM8

Postby ailexs » April 14th, 2017, 12:31 am

I would like to ask help about STM809LWX6F, this is the STM809LWX6F's datasheet:
My program always flied and started again.The codes are as following:

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#pragma vector=0x19
__interrupt void interrupt_handler_tim4(void)
    TIM4->SR1 =0x00;

    Scan_Key();       // ( Invoking the subfunction, I think here has some problems;  The SCM is starting again)

char  Scan_Key(void)    // ( It can’t operate even it’s so easy)
    char  a,b;
   return a+b;

Do you know what it suffered ?

Thanks a lot!
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