Splined hole

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Splined hole

Postby TeeJayHoward » January 4th, 2018, 2:05 am

Hopefully this is the right section for this.

I've got a steering wheel with an internal splined hole in it. It attaches to a steering shaft that's externally splined. These two parts match up perfectly, as they were produced by the same manufacturer. Now I need to create an adapter for a different wheel, and this splined hole is giving me no shortage of issues. A custom broach could be thousands of dollars - Way too much for a tool that'd only be used once. Can anyone think of a way to make a splined hole without paying a pro? I was thinking of maybe finding a junkyard steering shaft and using it in a hydraulic press, but I worry that the metal would be too soft, or I'd get it misaligned, or something else would happen. Please, any ideas are welcome!

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Re: Splined hole

Postby k-ww » January 8th, 2018, 7:21 pm

I think the easiest way would be:

1) Find another 'junk' steering wheel for your car, and cut out the splined center section.

2) Remove the same section from the new steering wheel.

3) Weld the donor section into the new steering wheel.

For the cutting, I would use a circular hole saw with center drill, and fit [jam] a wooden dowel with the proper diameter into each steering wheel's center hole, and drill a pilot hole thru each of the dowel's centers, and then drill into that hole / steering wheel. [this should keep both center sections, that you cut out with the hole saw, centered.]
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