trouble understanding laptop edp compatability

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trouble understanding laptop edp compatability

Postby njinsh » December 4th, 2017, 1:25 am

I came into possession of a laptop with an almost dead screen (random lines only), dead keyboard and dead touchpad, it is also a weird custom laptop that I cannot get replacment parts for, and I don't want it anyway. However it is a nice slim smallish motherboard... a good base for a project?

Replace the display and 3D print a case for it, maybe a tablet, a wall display, not sure, its an i7, upto 16gb ram and an onboard SSD. 300x10mm form factor. Powered on small 19v adapter.

The first step was replacing the display with something smaller than the 13.3 it came with.
The broken panel is a Panasonic VVX13F009G10, FHD panel. Which according to panelook (and confirmed visually to be 30pin), uses a 30pin edp connection.

I wanted something around 8", to give something hand holdable with plenty of space around, but there are not many small EDP panels, there are the panels from ipad minis, but they use a custom connector that I cannot find an adaptor for. I searched panelook for 30pin edp less than 10". I found one in stock, (of the 3 models that turned up as displays and not entire front assemblys).

I bought a 7" CLAA070WB01 1280×800 edp display, it arrived and I tried it, but the laptop motherboard won't turn on with it in place, not sure why. I removed it and with the display removed completely it turns on fine, so something in the wiring wasnt right.

I then bought a 10" VVX10F011B00 1900x1200 display, thinking it was closer as it was the same manufacturer and same series even it seems, just slightly different resolution and size, the connector again fit fine, and this time it switches on fine, the display backlight comes on, but not picture is shown, not even garbled.

I read of several people changing their internal monitor panels for higher resolutions or for for better panels and thought that the edp standard was a fixed standard, and that since the original panel was 1080p and 1080p or less panel should work, as it must have two lane edp to support the original panel.

I have basic electronic experience and tools, the edp pins are tiny but I could try to probe them to check the +3v are in the same place, I could also buy the schematics for the original panel and replacement on panel look and compare the two.

Does anyone who knows more about edp panels have any ideas as to why I can't switch these around? I tried replacing the original back again to check I didn't break something and it still works (barely - covered in lines but the random blue squares that you can see match the blue of the bios screen visible on an external display).

Very grateful for any hints!
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Re: trouble understanding laptop edp compatability

Postby njinsh » December 4th, 2017, 9:44 pm

Further links: ... -datasheet is the original ... -datasheet is the replacement

Would the difference in Input Current for Panel:
220/700mA (Typ./Max.)

Input Current for Panel:
0.4/0.6A (Typ./Max.)

be causing an issue? that is the only difference I can see.
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