DanFoss Flow meter and HART protocol

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DanFoss Flow meter and HART protocol

Postby edugimeno » November 15th, 2017, 7:16 am

Hi There, has anyone here had any experience in pulling data out of a flow meter from this manufacturer?
Our client has a bunch of measuring stations with the following equipment:

This is the mechanical flow meter module that measures flow of water and (allegedly) mechanically stores the accumulated reading along with reading the instant water flow

-DANFOSS MAGFLO Flowmeter Type MAG 5000
This seems to be the electronic module that couples with the one above, somehow "captures" its reading, shows it on a display, and allegedly supports the "HART (R) Communication" protocol to (I guess) share it's readings with an external device

Now, I need to read the water flow data (accumulated and instant), and I am not being very lucky finding much data on how to deal with this. I get some google hits for Siemens webpages with the same model numbers (MAG3100 and MAG5000), it looks like Siemens ended up buying Danfoss.

Has anyone here ever had to read data from one of these devices??

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