HDMI handshake debugging/intersecting

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HDMI handshake debugging/intersecting

Postby BoKKeR » August 1st, 2017, 11:16 am

I as many others have bought a Sony TV just to find out that they are notoriously bad when it comes to HDMI. There is a handshake problem with the TV and many of their models.

The problem comes up when the TV is power-cycled. The HDMI devices won't show up. I have to manually disconnect them and reconnect them, sometimes multiple times to get them back on.

This problem was reported hundreds of times on the Sony support forum with no solution. I am looking for a way to debug this or intersect the connection with a debugger to see where exactly the problem occurs.

What would be the best approach? What kind of hardware debugger should I get? Or can a simple RPI or a similar Linux box get to the components low level?
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