Samsung ps50c450b1w. Power on but no sound no picture

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Samsung ps50c450b1w. Power on but no sound no picture

Postby edugimeno » May 31st, 2017, 9:15 am

Hi There.
I am speaking with a seller that has a Samsung ps50c450b1w 50" TV set that he's selling as "broken". I have some experience in fixing TV set, actually I've bought a bunch of them lately just to fix them and give them to friends. But I've never touched a led screen.

I asked him and he said he hits the power button, the front led lights on like everything is normal, but he gets no sound / all black.
I've seen dozens of entries in other forums asking about SOUND OK / no picture, but in this case it seems that this one is lacking sound too (or maybe it got stuck to some external input [where there's no signal] before if broke)
He said the front led is not flashing at all (like the TV is not realizing any issue).
He's asking 50€ "as is". Im wondering if anyone here would be able to do a "blind estimation" of what could be wrong. I've read lots of issues with Y-Sust board in this set causing no picture. Pwr Supply seems to be common on those too.

Can anyone guide me here?

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