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Proxxon MF70 spindle motor

PostPosted: May 17th, 2017, 12:46 pm
by Mjolinor
My spindle motor burnt out and having pulled it apart I am really not surprised, it is an atrocious controller and a minuscule motor for something that is generally perceived to be reasonable quality. The controller uses rectified AC mains and a bidirectional triac (BTB16). I don't reckon that 4007 diodes on a 125 watt 230 volt motor are big enough and I reckon one blew short and took the motor out. A mains fuse in the plug is not enough protection for such a circuit in my opinion, very poor.

This is the motor: ... SwpkFY4rbI

Here is a conversion that someone has documented. It seems lots of people have had to do something similar. ... fo_22.html

No problems with doing that but I really do not want a 40 amp 12 volt supply to become a necessary part of this thing and wondered if anyone has any alternative suggestions for a mains (230 volt, UK) motor and controller.