Would this work in this schemic with Amplifier LT1366?

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Would this work in this schemic with Amplifier LT1366?

Postby manos » February 9th, 2017, 2:29 am

I know there are tons of examples of music driven LED circuits out there, but they mainly control just one LED or one string of them. I want to make a circuit that will control quite a few LEDs, with each LED at a different range of frequencies. And I use Linear - Amplifiers LT1366 this Instrumentation, a class of OP Amplifiers to link my circuit.

To do this, I am planning on making an array of band pass filters. Each filter would drive a different LED (or string, or something else)... through a BJT perhaps? Here is a quick sketch of what I am thinking.

I might add in a high and low pass filter in the end, but I'll decide that later.

Anyway, would this work? I am wondering if you have advice for me, or maybe some different tricks that could reduce the complexity of this project. Are there certain things to watch out for, such as my source not being able to supply enough power to my filters, ect?

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate any help!
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Re: Would this work in this schemic with Amplifier LT1366?

Postby bandersnatch » February 9th, 2017, 3:26 am


IMHO you have the right idea:
shows the same basic design but with an input buffer/gain amplifier, which is a good idea if you want to drive more than 3 channels.
Your biggest problem with an analog approach for many channels will be achieving the correct bandpass filter characteristics
so that the individual frequencies do not overlap too much..

You could also take a digital approach using an arduino:
This will require more programming experimentation than soldering...

It all depends on whether you want to spend more time soldering or programming for your ultimate lighting experience ;^))))

Good luck & keep us posted...

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