junk , but hobby oriented, use tv board as computer?

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junk , but hobby oriented, use tv board as computer?

Postby tsmspace » January 16th, 2017, 10:34 am

I found a broken lcd screen in the garbage. I took the guts for parts that might do something.There is one pcb that looks a lot like a raspberry pi. It has a microprocessor and 500MB ram. There's a huge pin row that connects to various inputs on another card, and some plugs on the side. I found a pin that should bring 5v from another card, but can't tell if it's doing anything. there is a USB, probably for photo viewing on the tv. LCD's are a lot of resolution, so I thought it was probably a decent computer if you could ever use it like one.

How can I plug into it to interact? Is there any way to use it as a raspberry pi? it DOES have 2 HDMI inputs. I can't find the datasheet for the processor. Zoran ZR39748BGCG. i'ts a Sanyo It has a series of other part numbers on it, probably if I repaired tvs I would know where to find more info. I understand they are supposed to be locked, but this is to protect their interests, and I can't take anything out of it for use anyway. I know I could just buy a "chip" for 10 bucks if I needed another little computer, but its just for hobby fun. It could drive some little robot or something.
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Re: junk , but hobby oriented, use tv board as computer?

Postby evansste » February 22nd, 2017, 8:24 pm

You're probably not going to build any sort of computer by using parts from a broken TV. Every IC, or microchip, that you see on any printed circuit board, performs a particular function. This is always true, regardless of the machine. If you take apart a DVD player, you're going to find circuitry and ICs which are put together in order to perform the specific task of reading information from a DVD, and passing that formatted information as signal that a TV can use. If you take apart a mircowave oven, you're going to find parts which are specifically designed to handle the task of producing, and controlling electromagnetic energy in order to heat things up. This isn't only true for electronics, but for any machine, including cars. Imagine if you dismantled a car's engine. The parts may be useful for building another engine, but not very useful for building something as different as a refrigerator. The same thing applies to electronic machines. Each part is designed for a specific purpose, though many of them look the same.

When it comes to electronic ICs (microchips), in most machines, ASICs are used. ASIC is an acronym for Application Specific Integrated Circuit. That means they're built for a specific application. ASICS are used in computers too, but they're still used with a specific purpose in mind; whether it be encoding/decoding signals from/to peripheral devices like mice, keyboards or monitors, or performing specific instructions of a programmer's program, as a CPU. Every chip is built with a specific purpose in mind. For this reason, you wouldn't be able to build a computer from a broken TV. The TV components are designed to ultimately handle display tasks, not general instructions from a programmer's program.

I admire your curiosity, but don't be tempted to figure that any electronics component can be programmed, or configured, to handle any task. Many electronics boards look very similar. However, depending on what they're designed for, one may never be suitable to perform the task of another. This is easier to recognize with mechanical parts, like trying to build a refrigerator out of a car engine, but the concept is exactly the same.

I did a quick search on your Zoran ZR39748BGCG microchip. It appears to be some sort of backlight LED circuit.

http://www.iccfl.com/product_info.php?p ... hcc9va6u90

This isn't surprising since you found it in a TV.
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