Upgrading Laptop Display

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Upgrading Laptop Display

Postby dcthelord » December 5th, 2016, 1:18 am

I wish to upgrade my Laptop Display from Non Touch to Touch. I did a bit of research on the internet, but am unable to find a proper answer. Is it possible?

I would love to migrate from half HD non touch display to full HD touch display (even IPS). But here in India, I'm unable to find it in this config for 15.6" size (atleast, not cheaply).
I have found one display which has a few things common with my old display. Both have TFT with LED Backlight, same size, aspect ratio, resolution and no of pins.

Old Display:
15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Non touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins.
Part Number: B156XW04V5
Datasheet: https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXi ... XW04V5.pdf
Cost: ₹5000 ($75 approx)

Proposed New Display:
15.6 inch TFT with LED Backlight (Touch) (16:9). Resolution: 1366 x 768. 40 Pins.
Part Number: B156XTT01
Datasheet: http://www.datasheetspdf.com/datasheet/ ... ?id=923648
Cost: ₹12500 ($180 approx)

Would I need to change LVDS cable as well?
Existing LVDS Cable:
Part Number: P5LJ0
Datasheet: http://www.s-manuals.com/pdf/motherboar ... matics.pdf

Here are the answers to some questions you might have:
1. Laptop is Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG.
2. My Laptop did not have any variant with 1080p display or touch display.
3. The old display is slightly cracked. Hence I need to change it anyway.
4. The top flap, display mounting brackets and bezel are damaged too. And the laptop is 5 years old and am unable to get the replacement parts. Hence I am planning on building a new housing for the new display, in any case. (Suggestions in this regard are also welcome)
So a bit of variation in physical dimensions is not a problem.
5. Motherboard is Intel i5 2410M with Intel 3000 graphics processor. Graphics Card is Nvidia 540M. (I couldn't find supported resolutions on official websites, but according to 3rd Party websites, both should support 1080p)
6. I have some experience with Electronic Disassembly and Assembly.
7. I can do soldering, but I'm not very good at it. Hence, would like to avoid it, if possible.
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