Identifying Name of Mechanical Part: Linear Guide Accessory?

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Identifying Name of Mechanical Part: Linear Guide Accessory?

Postby zilch » August 5th, 2016, 1:31 pm

Imagine two long boards attached along their length by some kind of rail, such that they are free to slide past one another along the longest axis. This sounds like, to my mind, a job for a linear guide and something called a "pillow block." I have only decently discovered these things on searching.

However, I would like to temporarily "fix" the pillow block in place with some kind of easily adjustable stopper such that the two boards are then fixed in relation to one another. I should be able to release, adjust the positions of the boards, and re-fix things in place in under a minute.

What on earth would these parts be called? Is there a fancy name for this clamping device I am looking for? Am I going too high-brow with a linear guide, given that this is more of a shoddy prototype?

Imagine the linear guide to be roughly half a meter in length and the pillow block, when fixed, to be subject to a force of less than a thousand Newtons, at something like forty-five degrees between the rail axis and an imaginary line perpendicular to the pillow block.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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