Raspberry Pi as AIS transponder

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Raspberry Pi as AIS transponder

Postby Chris M » April 19th, 2016, 11:01 am

Successful projects has been made where Rpi is acting AIS receiver/multiplexer and then forwarding over wlan to suitable devices.

Now thinking that it should be possible to transpond AIS messages with the same setup.
Looking something like this:
AIS client software (situated in Rpi or iPad) -> NMEA over rs232 -> VHF radio -> Transmitting over DSC

Welcoming your thoughts and ideas

/Chris M
Chris M
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Re: Raspberry Pi as AIS transponder

Postby MICROYACHT » February 26th, 2017, 3:05 pm

Hi Chris,

While searching for the same info (Pi as an AiS Transponder), I came across your message. It would have been nice if you'd had some answers but I'm not really surprised that you haven't!

My Marine Navigation system works around a Pi 3B with OpenPlotter App. Works great using CM93 Charts. I really thought it would be nice to have an AiS Transponder but the cheapest I can find is over £500. I'm no good with code, so thats immediately rued out. Would have thought that the code to decode AiS would have been pretty well similar to what is required to send the date from a system like mine which already has a GPS incorporated. Then the output from the Pi needs to be fed to a hacked marine transceiver to transmit the info. Simples! BUT ! Alternatively, a modified hand held with a few watts output. Much cheaper and nearer the spec output of 2.5 Watts for a Class B system. I wonder if you made any headway with it . . . . or perhaps you just purchased a ready made unit?

Hope toy hear from you.

Bye for now

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