eKit module: replace samples with my own

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eKit module: replace samples with my own

Postby trashNcrashes321 » March 20th, 2017, 10:06 pm

ive been a long time reader of this site and i cant believe im just now joining!

so i have a ton of acoustic drums. theres a million samples ive made, of them, that i used to trigger with software named "drumagog". i play metal. i do heel-toe, "machine gun", fast double-bass. i cant deal with the latency of running through a pc. the lest latency i had was 6ms and it threw me off.

is there a way to 1) replace/add samples to sound modules? would they have to be for drums, or does anyone know of a work around by replacing, for example a cheap keyboards sounds, and running midi from a trigger module? 2) are there cheap alternatives to this issue than buying a roland td series? that crap is expensive as hell considering i wont want to pretty much ever use anything except that feature... ever. and 3) lol of course i have to ask because im so interested in this lil guy.. anyone on here made their own module with an arduino and had great results?


PS: my pc is capable (i believe) of low enough latency. i have 2 dual xeon processors, 250gbssd, 2tb hdd, 32gb ram, shitty geforce video, win7ult.. sonar x3, ezdrummer and many other random synths.. ddrum dti trigger i/o, 2 old yamaha drum module trigger samplers... let me know if you need more info
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