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Board reference design

Postby _MARIO_ » January 26th, 2013, 9:01 am


I was wondering if anyone could point me into the right direction. I've been lately reading about Broadcom SoC devices, however I am unable to find application notes, reference board designs, etc.

I know this is usually available on other manufacturers such as Intel, Microchip and few others where you can download a full board design and full SoC specifications.

For Broadcom I have only being able to find "commercial" information, no real engineer kind of stuff.

The devices I'm looking for are:

Just so you are aware... where should I start digging if I wanted to design a Raspberry type board ? Where can I get a base design whicn I could start tweaking?

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Re: Board reference design

Postby st2000 » January 26th, 2013, 11:55 am

Broadcom is one of the most paranoid chip makers on earth. All I can say is good luck. That and you might consider backwards engineering a known working design using one of your specified BCM chips. This, assuming you are building something for your self. If you are a company I would start with the BC supplier. At least they should be motivated ('cause they want to sell you 1000s of chips) to give you the specs.

-good luck
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