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Postby st2000 » December 28th, 2012, 10:19 am

It's been a while. I had to re-read the thread. Forget about the booting - too complicated. Just go w/the HID code from the Microchip Solutions directory. Download MPLABX and the Microchip Solutions (or what ever they are now calling that zip file full of examples and "support" (not really libraries) code) and add to that a way to "pump out" the text others have suggested here. You're after making it look like someone is typing it from a keyboard. So you will probably have to add delays. First before the PIC is enumerated and identified as a HID. Then (I assume) between the key strokes. I assume you will point the browser out to your web page on the internet. You might try to make a compound or complex USB device and somehow cram both the HID and MSD into the same PIC. Placing your web page into the MDS's memory. But I do not know if such Microchip example code exists. If not and you do it successfully on your own do post back here how you did it.

Hum, evidently there already is a HID + MSD example. It's talked about here in this thread:
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