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USB Killer V3.0 Reverse Engineering in Progress

PostPosted: July 28th, 2017, 11:35 am
by Parrot971

I decided to reverse engineer a quite interesting thing which is the USB Killer V3. I don't intend to do anything wrong with it, it is just something interesting and easy to reverse engineer since I'm a beginner.
After some research, all I found out about this version is some pictures of the PCB and a partial list of the components so I decided to buy one in order to reverse engineer it.
I managed to unsolder all the components so I could extract the schematic out of it.
Here are the pictures where you can see clearly the PCB and the components:


Here is also the uncomplete schematic:


Be careful, on the IC3 package isn"t correct, it is a SOT323 package so the pin 5 doesn"t actually exist!!!

I identified some of the electronic components like a Mosfet (IC1), what can possibly be a Timer (IC2) to drive the Mosfet but not much more. I think the transformer is a flyback transformer so the IC3 is either a flyback boost converter or a dedicated Xenon Flash Capactitor Charger (which is more or less the same I guess)

For the Transformer, I measured 5 Ohm at the primary and 40 Ohm at the secondary. For its inductance, I have a LCR meter but without knowing the hysteresis of the core, I’m not sure it is worth measuring it.

All the main components have been filed with what appears to be a CNC to prevent anyone to read a reference.

The voltage read at the diode D4 pins is 1.1V so I guess it is a Zener Diode.
I guess R5 is there to discharge the capacitor when the device is unplugged.

Could anyone guess what are the remaining components or give me more info on that ?

Note The Russian Hacker Dark Purple who first created it was using a Xenon Flash Capacitor Charger in his Version 2: LT3484 from Linear I assume.

Kind regards fellow hackers,