Galaxy S3 USB/charge/MHL port

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Galaxy S3 USB/charge/MHL port

Postby Fry-kun » November 25th, 2015, 4:35 pm

Just finished re-soldering a messed up USB port on a Galaxy SIII phone.

Looks ugly but kinda works.
Thing is, pads for 3 (of 5) tiny non-USB connections were gone from the board! I ended up scraping the board where the corresponding vias are (right next to the missing pads) and using a tiny thread from solder wick to solder the pins to the vias.
The durability is probably ~1HP, but for the moment the port is working in both charge and data modes :D
I understand now why the pro repair shop couldn't make the data connection work... though I'm still surprised they managed to discolor the pcb by overheating it. Probably not as "pro" as they make people think.

Take all this with a grain of salt, as usual.
In fact, here it is with 3 grains of salt next to the hacked connections

And yes, I probably should've taken a "before" photo, too.. oh, well
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