Help me out putting togeher a high-end pc.

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Help me out putting togeher a high-end pc.

Postby antimony » February 27th, 2015, 8:40 am

Hi, i am going to start out buying the first components to my new project that im working on.
I am thinking that i am going to put a high-end desktop pc, piece by piece. I already have a case, but im unsure if it will fit everything in it. Its my old desktop computer that me and my sister had when we where kids, so it is a "regular" sized case. Would you advice me to maybe get a ATX case instead?

The next component hardware that im planning on getting is the motherboard.

I have about 200 euro to spend each month,

I am now a genious when it comes to building computers, but i know the basics. But i would really appreciate a second opinion so that i dont do anything stupid.

Have a great day! /N.
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Re: Help me out putting togeher a high-end pc.

Postby TravisCucore » February 27th, 2015, 8:31 pm

I'll just say, make sure you know the specs of your hardware, as well as the dimensions. Don't buy hardware you don't need, and consider form after function. That said, I think at 200 per month, you're looking at quite a long time before you make it to a high end PC similar to I built once upon a time. Instead, I would suggest you buy components based on what you are going to do with this PC. You can put together a respectable gaming PC (middle of the road) for about 2k. It's not going to play anything on max, but it won't chocke as long as you don't ask it to do to much. A media server can be had for just a few hundred bucks. File servers largely depend on the amount of storage and the hardware/software used to keep it all running.

Happy building. :)
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Re: Help me out putting togeher a high-end pc.

Postby st2000 » February 28th, 2015, 8:30 am

I agree w/ [TravisCucore], building a PC w/no goal in mind is like buying/building a vehicle not knowing if its for hauling lumber or short commutes. If you try for everything it will cost way too much. And you will likely buy leading edge technology that will depreciate much faster then buying common technology.

Also, power supply hook ups change. The old power supply in your case may not have the correct plugs for newer mother boards or mass storage devices.

Also, different mother boards use different processors. I always buy the mother board and processor together from a reputable dealer. That way I can take them back together if they are not compatible. This applies to other components like memory to a lesser extent.

Being frugal is also fun. Lets say your goal is to make a music media server and an independent client. You could probably use your old computer w/o any hardware changes. Just wipe out the old software for one of the many Linux OS freely available. There are many how-tos on the web for this type of Linux project. Then you could probably turn a RaspberryPi and a Digital to Stereo Sound shield board into the guts of a music client for (probably) less then 1 month's allowance.
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