Arduino robot controlled by an Android app via Bluetooth

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Arduino robot controlled by an Android app via Bluetooth

Postby SPD42 » January 31st, 2014, 2:55 pm

This is my small differential drive robot that can be controlled from an Android phone via Bluetooth. Its “brain” is an ATMega320p (an “Arduino on a breadboard”). The robot uses a JY-MCU Bluetooth module for communication with an Android phone. A custom Android app, created with the MIT App Inventor 2 essentially acts as a remote control, sending commands to the Arduino that tell the robot to move forward, reverse, stop or rotate.


Demo video:

The robot has two ultrasonic sensors (one mounted on the front and one on the back) that are used for obstacle detection. If you try to drive the robot into a wall using your phone remote, the robot will overwrite that command and will stop when it detects an obstacle closer than 10 cm. An character LCD on the robot is used to display some debugging info. Currently shows the readings of the distance sensors.

The android app was created with App Inventor 2. Complete Arduino and App Inventor code and more info on
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