New filament extruder design

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New filament extruder design

Postby fruzzetti » January 13th, 2014, 10:59 am

Hello everyone!

I am working with some of my advanced high school students to create a machine we're calling the Discomblobulator.

The discomblobulator is an extremely simple machine designed to extrude plastic into constant-diameter filament. We are planning on doing this on the cheap, which means salvage parts and analog controls without the use of a microcontroller.

We are planning four features:

1) vibrating hopper
2) two heaters each with variable temperature control
3) variable aperture extruder
4) coiling device with option for direct feed to printer

The second heater will be used to assist in coiling the filament on its way out of the machine, if necessary. I think it may not be necessary if we can hook the spool up directly below the extruder, but I'm just not sure that's realistic.

For those of you who have made extruders, successful or failed, can you advise me on your key learnings?

Thanks very much,

~ dan ~
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