Cora - fail of the week.

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Cora - fail of the week.

Postby Legion » October 5th, 2013, 10:56 pm

So after getting all hyper to build a hexa pod.
I went on a ordering spree build micro servo's and devboards aplenty.

After some "short" thinking I settled on a R-pi and a teensy3 as my 2 boards for the job.
I the began cutting up cheap wiring conduit thinking of different leg designs and shapes.
I then evaluated what materials i had.

1. big roll of sodel wire.
2. loads of copper lan cable
3. super glue "crazy glue"
4. and fine black glue curing powder for structure reinforcement.

The teensy 3 was a good option as a usb serial controlled servo driver.
But the servo lib had to be rewritten luckily pual on the prjc forum fixed this for me and taught me some asm for the teensy.

So after 2 painstaking days and cutting my left index finger twice with a blunt cutting knife and improper knife use, i had built 6 legs.
Excited I started gluing them to a black R-pi case i bought.

so after wiring began I started to test the batteries i bought..
Disaster the cells cant handle the load and the rectifier is not sounding good.
I opted to tear apart a old laptop battery.

Success! the servo's work and the teensy driver is in standby mode! woo
Now lets get the R-pi to command the teensy.
So after salvaging a voltage rectifier from a usb cellphone charger i managed to get the pi to boot.
But after inserting the lowest power using wifi stick I have i lost power again.

Clearly there was no way i was gona fit the rest that i had planned onto the bot.
-2 camera's
-limited radar
-small gripper

So what did I learn.
Plan and plan and plan.

I made the mistake of not doing all the math and thinking ahead when doing this project, i kinda just went with my gut.

pictures and a vids at

I did eventually get her working but the legs are a tad bit too long.

I will be doing another bot build soon.
This time i will document it better by showing a time lapse of me running around, working on the build.
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