Musical Alarm Clock

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Musical Alarm Clock

Postby frank26080115 » February 13th, 2011, 9:52 pm


Video and instructions at ... arm-Clock/
I know most of you will simply glance at the first page and maybe skim through the rest. This Instructable has 18 steps (with demo examples for each building block) and 5 appendices, with about 90 files and pictures, including logic analyzer files/screencaps, expected terminal output, USB device dumps. I sincerely hope you explore all my efforts. I covered everything from SD cards, FAT file system, USB mass storage, IR remote control, LCDs, RTCs, and decoding MP3s. It's built using a Teensy++ and encased into a SparkFun shipping box.

(I could have sworn I just posted this but it didn't show up in the forum. I apologize if I double posted by accident)
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Re: Musical Alarm Clock

Postby Stryker » February 15th, 2011, 8:04 pm

frank26080115 wrote:Image
Totally digging those graphics. Are they standard on the screen you chose or did you implement them like pixel-by-pixel?

Sorry, just read through your Instructible. I like how you used the custom "font"....
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