[InProgress] kicad and wiimote+nunchuck

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[InProgress] kicad and wiimote+nunchuck

Postby Necromant » January 30th, 2011, 1:00 pm

Well, this is still WIP, since my multimedia projector will only arrive in a month or so (Russian Post sucks). Anyway, I'm currently doing the software stack to make this possible.

I didn't like eagle at all, and doing stuff in Sprint Layout in wine kind of sucks. So I switched to kicad.

The goal is to use wiimote+nunchuck (mine are cheap clones from dealextreme) with kicad and linux to design PCBs on a big screen.
Here goes my current wminput configuration I tried on a big screen in a lab as the first experiment:
Code: Select all
Plugin.nunchuk_stick2btn.Up     = KEY_UP
Plugin.nunchuk_stick2btn.Down   = KEY_DOWN
Plugin.nunchuk_stick2btn.Left   = KEY_LEFT
Plugin.nunchuk_stick2btn.Right  = KEY_RIGHT

Plugin.ir_ptr.X = ABS_X
Plugin.ir_ptr.Y = ABS_Y

Nunchuk.C               = KEY_LEFTALT
Nunchuk.Z               = KEY_LEFTCTRL

Wiimote.A               = BTN_RIGHT
Wiimote.B               = BTN_LEFT
Wiimote.Dpad.Y          = REL_WHEEL
Wiimote.Dpad.X          = REL_HWHEEL
Wiimote.Minus           = KEY_Z
Wiimote.Plus            = KEY_Y
Wiimote.Home            = KEY_A

Wiimote.1               = KEY_F
Wiimote.2               = KEY_V

And eeschema hotkey configuration
Code: Select all
$hotkey list
# Allowed keys:
# F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, Esc, Delete
# Tab, Backspace, Insert, End, Page Up, Page Down, +, -, Up, Down
# Left, Right, space, ?, !, :, ,, *, +, -, %, A, B, C, D, E, F
# G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z, Ctrl A
# Ctrl B, Ctrl C, Ctrl D, Ctrl E, Ctrl F, Ctrl G, Ctrl H, Ctrl I
# Ctrl J, Ctrl K, Ctrl L, Ctrl M, Ctrl N, Ctrl O, Ctrl P, Ctrl Q
# Ctrl R, Ctrl S, Ctrl T, Ctrl U, Ctrl V, Ctrl W, Ctrl X, Ctrl Y
# Ctrl Z
# Common keys
shortcut   "?":    "Help: this message"
shortcut   "F1":    "Zoom In"
shortcut   "F2":    "Zoom Out"
shortcut   "F3":    "Zoom Redraw"
shortcut   "F4":    "Zoom Center"
shortcut   "space":    "Reset local coord."
shortcut   "Ctrl Z":    "Undo"
shortcut   "Ctrl Y":    "Redo"
# Schematic editor keys
shortcut   "F5":    "Next Search"
shortcut   "Ctrl A":    "Delete Item"
shortcut   "Insert":    "Repeat Last Item"
shortcut   "Tab":    "Switch move block to drag block"
shortcut   "Ctrl V":    "Move Component"
shortcut   "Ctrl F":    "Drag Component"
shortcut   "A":    "Add Component"
shortcut   "F1":    "Rotate Component"
shortcut   "F2":    "Mirror X Component"
shortcut   "F3":    "Mirror Y Component"
shortcut   "Y":    "Orient Normal Component"
shortcut   "V":    "Edit Component Value"
shortcut   "F":    "Edit Component Footprint"
shortcut   "Z":    "begin Wire"
# library editor keys
shortcut   "A":    "Repeat Pin"
shortcut   "V":    "Edit Pin"
shortcut   "F":    "Move Pin"
shortcut   "Ctrl A":    "Delete Pin"

It was kind of unusual, but nevertheless fun. And it really speeds up the process.

Since the UI is not designed for such purpose I'll be hacking several helper programs that will ease the process. Any suggestions are welcome.
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