Single-sided designs for popular lipo/liion chargers

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Single-sided designs for popular lipo/liion chargers

Postby miceuz » February 6th, 2013, 2:48 am

Hi all,

I've made a set of lipo cherger designs based on MAX1555, MAX1551 and MCP73831 that are toner-transfer manufacturing friendly and have some features:

  • selectable USB/external DC power source - if you don't need USB, just chop off the connector and use DC pads
  • for MAX155X parts - charging current selectable by solder jumper
  • for MAX1555 and MCP73831 - charging and battery full indication LEDS; Note: MAX1555 charger indication relies on low mosfet gate threshold voltage - below (5V - Vfwdled), I've used 702 mosfets.
  • for MCP7383 - charging current selectable by two resistors

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