panasonic SA-HT700 5.1 DVD system ressurection.

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Re: panasonic SA-HT700 5.1 DVD system ressurection.

Postby superbrainAK » January 23rd, 2013, 9:36 pm

well after i spent at least a half an hour clipping, measuring, and fitting pieces of twisty tie (just the metal wire) into the ribbon cable. i powered it up and it talks to me (says hello, goodbye, and wait) but the fan doesnt turn on, it doesnt properly load a disk (though it is still mostly taken apart) it does a few things like the volume, and the dolby sound effects and equalizer, i havent gotten sound to play because it wont go to any inputs (i also havent hooked it up to a screen yet so maybe it puts it on the OSD).
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