UK 2 pin plug

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UK 2 pin plug

Postby benj111 » February 1st, 2018, 8:28 am

I'm just getting into electronics and I've ordered myself a soldering iron.

It came with an EU plug and one of these things

essentially a uk plug without an earth pin.

(to non uk readers, the earth pin is required to be inserted first to unlock the other 2 pins).

So how am I expected to use this? stick a screwdriver in the earth pin socket to plug this in (an electrical screwdriver, for safety obviously). or is this a case of someone reading the spec sheet for uk plugs, but cutting one corner too far.

Interestingly the iron also has a working led hidden under an opaque case. Presumably so that the magic electric fairies can see.

Anyway I found it amusing :)
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