Pasadena Superconference Badge Puzzles

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Pasadena Superconference Badge Puzzles

Postby aaronabrown » November 15th, 2017, 12:16 pm

I'm looking for some help solving the badge puzzles, so spoiler warning?

I got the first one, someone noticed it was an 8 queens puzzle, [spoiler]and when you win some cryptic symbols appear [/spoiler]on the 00 01 10 choice screen.
Second one seems to be a word puzzle with lines from the hackers manifesto where you can shift lines over, then at the bottom are four letters you can change, but when you go to the bottom it clears it entirely.
The third is a ouiji board that tells you when you get letters wrong after 8 selections, selected by hovering over it. [spoiler]Answer is HACKADAY [/spoiler] which then gets replaced with a cryptogram of some kind I haven't figured out yet.

Any hints? They mentioned it after the superconference it would be revealed but I didn't see a project update on the main site.

Also, any idea what the barcodes were? The ones I found were 7,8,9,10 and one that said conf1, they seemed to say AND!XOR (but I didn't go to their talk)when scanned with the badge scanner. They were in the lady's restroom in supplyframe, outside supplyframe at the elevator, on a machine in the office next to the main stage, in the mens restroom I forget where, near the green room entrance, in the room at the back of the lacm stage. I couldn't get most of them to scan so I took cell phone pics.

Someone was building a 3d headset from two badges and another with a 3d printer using blue light polymer and their badge. Amazing experience.
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